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Cruelty In Chinese Bear Bile Farms
The Worst Outrage In the 21st Century?

“ Surgically mutilated and denied the freedom to walk, hibernate, forage or find companionship, these unfortunate bears suffer physically and psychologically.

China's Bear Farms must be closed immediately. This practice is unacceptable in this day in age.”

Tom Cochrane
bear bile farms in China

Bears chew on themselves in desperation
Bear begins to chew its own limbs in an attempt to free itself from the pain
Ailing bear in painful harness
A weak and ailing bear in a painful harness
A bear's life
Bear cage does not allow bear to have free movement
A Doomed Life.
Tragic life in a cage so small the bear cannot stand up or turn around. Injuries develop to the head, paws and back from the repeated rubbing on the cage bars.

Each day, hundreds of bears are surgically mutilated for their gall bile on bear farms in China.

On most farms, surgery to enable bile extraction is carried out by farm owners with no veterinary training. During illness, drugs are sometimes administered, but when they are not effective, bears are commonly left to die.

Chinese specialists in bear farming techniques inform that for every two successful bile fistula implantations, there are another two or three bear deaths due to complications and infections.

During bile milking, the bears show signs of severe distress. Moaning and banging of heads against the cage is common, while some bears were seen to chew their own paws.

Between the ages of five and ten, bears may stop producing bile. They are then put in another cage, where they wait, either until death comes through sickness or starvation, or they are killed for their paws and gall bladders.

Recent developments show that approximately 9,000 bears are kept for bear bile farming.

The Chinese government has steadfastly refused to bow to public and international pressure to stop this horrendous cruelty and close these farms. In fact, across China more than 10,000 moon bears remain in tiny cages never feeling the sun on their backs or grass under their feet. They can be kept like this for up to 30 years. This cruel practice continues despite the availability of many effective and affordable alternatives.

Bear Bile product availability ...

Over the course of the past three years, WSPA and member societies have surveyed hundreds of shops and companies in eight countries. A wide variety of products were found including manufactured bear bile medicines, bear bile powder, and bear gall bladders. Illegal bear products were most readily available in the U.S. (91%), Malaysia (78%), Japan (77%), and Singapore (74%), closely followed by Canada (67%), Indonesia (62%), Australia (49%) and Taiwan (30%).

Is Bear Bile on your shelf or in your diet?

In recent years, there has been a dramatic growth in the production of bear bile products, which has spawned a market for a whole new range of items far removed from the formulations of traditional Chinese medicine. Today, bile is used as an ingredient in shampoo, wine, eye drops and all manner of pre-prepared ointments. In 1999, bottles of bear bile wine were even handed out as gifts for passengers on internal flights.

There are many alternatives to Bear Bile

There are many alternatives to bear bile on the market, containing the active constituent found in bear bile: UrsoDeoxyCholic Acid (UDCA). It is estimated that 100,000 kg of synthesised UDCA is already being consumed each year in China, Japan and South Korea, and that the world consumption may be double this figure.

Many Chinese practitioners also state that there are at least 75 herbal alternatives that can replace the use of bear bile.

Help to stop bear bile farming

take action bear bile farming in china Sign a petition to stop this horrific cruelty Sign Petition.

take action bear bile farming in china    Word of mouth gets results!

take action bear bile farming in china Email Ambassador Guy Saint-Jacques,
The Embassy of Canada in Beijing, China.
Our Ambassador is the voice of Canadians!

take action bear bile farming in china Support Jill Robinson, Animals Asia Foundation, with a donation. Read our interview with Jill to learn of her amazing work.

More on Helping Bears
Interview with Jill Robinson of Animals Asia Foundation  ·  Visit Vancouver

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