Visit Vancouver's Green store vegan and organic pet treats, cakes, cupcakes, cosmetics
Eco-friendly, organic, non-gmo, Vegan services and products

Delicious and Nutritious goodness in every product

Bakery products that are healthy made with organic ingredients. Try a paw-delicious healthy treat for your pet or a colorful, tasty birthday cake for the children. Vegan make-up products are user-friendly and no animal suffered in the manufacturing process.

Organic sourced ingredients, Goodness for you.

The tastiest home made treats for you and your family.

Natural and Wholesome

Vegan treats for dogs and cats delicious and nutritious

Pet Treats

Paw-some delicious, healthy, home made treats for your dog and cat.

Vegan cosmetics lipstick, eye lines, false lash glue, powder


User-friendly, naturally made vegan products that are kind to your skin and radiate your beauty.

Vegan cakes and cupcakes

Cakes and cupcakes

Birthday cakes and cupcakes for children are fun and very nutritious. Home made goodness with organic ingredients.


Vegan chocolates organic ingredients


Home made vegan chocolates. All good, nutritious Organic made.

Vegan sweets for special occasions and holiday celebrations.

Meaningful occasions

Sweets are popular during special occasions and holiday celebrations.

Vegan customized orders including gluten free products


We can customize to your specifications for vegan treats, sweets, cakes and other goodies.

Your design and presentation options are endless.

Design & presentation

We have lots of choices for presentation and welcome your preferences.

Putting it all together

Plant-based, organic and nutritious ingredients

We use certified organic and non-gmo ingredients. Vegan foods are bursting with Nutrition and even sweets are low calorie and high in nutrition compared to commercially prepared baked goods and candies. Our products are made up of nutrition laden quality ingredients.

All of our pet products are also human grade equivalents - just as delicious and nutritious with ingredients that are specific to your pet's enjoyment. After all pets are family and family deserve the best.

All of our products are vegan which means that no animal body parts are ever present in the foods we make. Gluten-free products are available if requested for almost every food item.

Our motto is that plant-based is Delicious and Nutritious.

Freshly made healthy foods have a shorter shelf date which is why we ship on Mondays only (no weekend in transit stayovers for our products) or deliver locally within 3 days or sooner. Our foods should generally be consumed within a few days to a week. Foods with no articificial flavours and no chemical preservatives are naturally prone to mold and staleness if kept for too long. Our dog and cat treats disappear quickly and are very eagerly enjoyed our pet customers tell us.

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